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Tue., Nov. 2, 2021
Jeff Reyburn’s Oct 13th letter, “Resist Progressivism,” is on target. The Founding Fathers were progressive for their times. The Constitution with its Bill of Rights offered a pathway for citizens to have representation in their government, with an amendment process allowing the document to change with modern times. A truly remarkable achievement for personages of their era.
Today’s progressives are a far cry from those who built our nation’s foundation. Their goal, as they loudly state, is to reshape America. Far-left progressives, especially the elites, cherry-pick U.S. history to fit their revisionist narrative to support dividing the country into factions of disenfranchised victims. To quote Reyburn, “They have created a hypocrisy-rich government, failing at every level.”
Before you progressives who diminish our history respond to this letter, spend time traveling America’s back roads. You know, where half the country lives. Visit state capitols, tour state history museums, talk to people, learn their history and see what makes each state diverse and unique to this Union. Judge what you see and learn, and weigh it against what elites in the media and classrooms are telling you. The reality is, people are often misinformed, unschooled, or hard-core ideologues when it comes to this nation’s history.
If you still doubt America’s virtues, visit the national park system. Ask the countless number of foreign visitors who attend our national treasures what they see – you may surprise yourself to find they envy our deep history of personal freedoms and its founding principles.
Roy Fullerton

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