Why are a Bunch of Old White Men Sabotaging Kamala? Because She’s Biden’s Choice for VP.

Recently, Chris Dodd, formerly a Senator from Connecticut, completely lost his skittles over the possibility that Kamala Harris was Joe Biden’s choice for VP. Apparently, he was so rattled, so triggered, and so snitchy, he decided to let a few mean girl tidbits about Harris from his burn book reach the privileged pages of Politico….

The Hill Found The Same Six Black Women They Always Find Who Always Imply Liz Warren Is Blacker Than Black Women

Liz Warren is positively TRANS-RACIAL these days, isn’t she? Armed with her tiny power-fists full of plans, and a new found interest in “getting into battles over women and minorities,” Liz Warren has her Black Blue Check Groove Back. Liz Warren, bolstered by; some anonymous Black Women, a leader of Black Lives Matter in South…