Oh, Yes I CAN Blame Bernie For The Toxicity Of His Movement and Withhold My Vote

Bianca 32

Oh hai. Lately there have been a slew of think pieces about Bernie Sanders being the front-runner, discussing how his movement has threatened to withhold their votes from Democrats if Bernie isn’t the nominee. Hidden between the lines is the idea that Democrats, in general, owe their votes to Sanders […]

Here Are The Top 10 Most Racist Things About The Bernie Sanders 2020 Clown Show (Off The Top Of My Head), Also, “F*ck Context”

Bianca 9

First of all… Please shut the fuck up about context and Bernie Sanders. I don’t see any of his people worried about the context of what anyone else is saying, so spare me the cris de coeur about how Bernie’s just a innocent victim of the Establishment Centrist Receipts Squad, […]

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