Liz Warren Sucks On Diversity and Racial Justice


Y’all, Liz is wack as fuck.

I haven’t wanted to do a piece on how wack Liz is on race, because for one, everybody already hates me enough. For two, I find Liz entirely too boring to think about for too many seconds at a time. The only thing that keeps me up when she speaks is that weird teachery whisper-yell lecturing she does when she thinks she’s smarter than someone. Which is ALWAYS. But today, I have reached my limit of Liz getting free passes on shit that was straight up not cool.

An aside: That said, I won’t be discussing the DNA drama, because it’s not really my place, I’m not educated about it, and identity is something you live that others outside your culture will never fully understand. If you’d like to know more on Native American Identity, take a look at the brilliant Professor Kim Tall Bear or the insightful and passionate Rebecca Nagle, and listen to what they have to say. They are smart! They know wtf they’re talking about, so, pay attention.

And don’t be an asshole, thanks.

I’ll make this pretty quick, or as quick as I can, cause like y’all, I have shit to do.  I realize that Liz Warren is woker than Sistah Soulja sitting next to Rosa Parks at the FRONT of the bus during Jim Crow Pride Week. But I don’t want to hold this inside.

I have shit that bugs the hell out of me, so I’m going to subject you to it.

At the end of last week, all I kept hearing about was the fact that Elizabeth Warren was (wrongfully) endorsed by a “group of influential black women activists.” White folks acted like it was a super big deal. I said, “Ok. That’s nice” the first few times I saw it, and really figured that would be the end of that since it was actually not that big of a deal. Really, it didn’t seem very important at all. Well, it must have been a big fucking deal to some of the Liz folks in the media, because for two days I had white people flagging me down to make me look.”LOOK LOOK LOOK!! 100 BLACKS for WARREN!”

Um? A whole hundred, huh.

Oh my. Well, that’s a horse of a different color. NOT! I didn’t really want to look at it. But I did. It was more ridiculous than Warren herself. Tell me why damn near everyone on that list was ALREADY either supporting Warren or trending Warren already? Also, why did the group form only recently, and barely put up a Twitter page in August?

Did they form this group for the sole purpose of endorsing Warren? OMG. Bwaaahaaahaaahaa! Haa haa haa haa! Hahahahahaha! HAAA! HAAA! Okay, I’m not really laughing at them, and maybe they have some hugely important work to do, I don’t want to be any type of roadblock. I LAUGH WHEN I’M CONFUSED!

I did a quick search to see if the group had done any work since forming, or what the fuck the group even was. nOPE. What I found was confusing. By that I mean, I can’t really find anything, and that’s weird as fuck. I’m a ninja on the Google, okay? Not really. But I actually worked on it this time.

So, first of all, there are only 3 pages I can find, Home, Endorsement, and About Us.

Let’s read some of the about us, k?

Blaxk Womxn For:

Black Womxn For is a new project focused on creating intentional meeting spaces for Black Women and gender-nonconforming community leaders and activist to talk with each other about the democratic primary and our impact on the 2020 elections.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t most “meeting spaces” intentional?

You know that thing where woke outwokes itself? This is that. Basically, I see that they are all about having discussions with each other and also with other super important and influential Black Womxn. Are all of us invited to give feed back or what?

If progressive Black Womxn are organized, resourced, and feel in their power to support the candidate that reflects our values, then we can take action to change the media narrative about black voters in the primary, tip the scales in favor of our candidate, and reinforce our political power.

Progressive. Media Narrative. Tip the scales. Okay okay, I see. This group caters to the smallest group of Black women in the Democratic Party, those furthest to the left. And we are not invited. Cool cool. Didn’t wanna come to your stupid party anyways. I have my own party that day. Whatever day it is. So there!

NY Post:

The most recent Pew survey of Democratic voters shows just that. Black voters characterize their values as more moderate than liberal, with 40 percent of black Democrats calling themselves moderate, 30 percent conservative and only 28 percent liberal.

70% of Black voters identify as either Moderate or Conservative, with what they call Liberal, and I’ll call “Progressive” for our purposes, at only 28%. Let’s assume the numbers are similar for Black men and women. This sure seems less impressive. Their endorsement is quite a gem y’all. So truthy, so weird, so… hollow?

Well, rather than make you read the entire statement, I’ll just give you the most ridiculous portions.  I can save the rest of my fire for dragging Warren’s scrawny ass later.

Ok, don’t laugh.

From Blaxk Womxn For:

And though no one presidential contender can rectify the gross atrocities to which we’ve become accustomed, there is one leader who has shown, through action, deed, and word, that a future of economic prosperity, racial justice, gender justice, and social and political equity is possible. She is a leader with a track record of taking on the predatory policies and practices that harm our communities and implementing structural changes that give power back to working people. She is a partner with a deep understanding of how racism and gender discrimination don’t just compound income inequality but are actually central to maintaining the status quo.  She is a woman who is willing to learn, open to new ideas, and ready to be held accountable by us and our communities.


HOLD THE FUCK UP. What the fuck are you talking about? Can a bitch get an example or two? If you’re using the power of your blackness and whathaveyou, don’t you think you owe the black women you’re trying to convince some actual muthafucking evidence? I see we have some lawyers and writers among the key endorsers. So, why would y’all not hit us with them receipts? Can’t find none?

Cause there AIN’T NONE.

I personally have a problem with several statements written here. Some of us would LOVE to get some evidence that they are at all true. Because, we have been looking extra super hard for Liz Warren’s work on racial justice (not some fucking plan one of her staffers wrote). You know, work that she has done since she’s been on earth? I have found exactly NOTHING that wasn’t half-assed or related to the CFPB, which she never actually ran and wasn’t even about racial justice in particular or even very much at all.

one leader who has shown, through action, deed, and word, that a future of economic prosperity, racial justice, gender justice, and social and political equity is possible.

Where the fuck was I when this shit happened?

Can I get a date? Year? Time? Remember how I said I was going to make this quick because I have shit to do? Okay, well, fuck that. I have this to do.

On actions; what actions has Warren done in the context of racial justice? Gender justice? Social and political equity? For BLACK women?

We can look at Liz’s own history for clues of how she treats racial justice, gender justice, and social and political equity.

From Boston Globe:

A memo with Warren’s file shows the change in her ethnic status was noteworthy enough to merit additional paperwork.

“In compiling the statistics for the annual Affirmative Action report for the University, I spoke with Professor Warren about her ethnic status,” wrote Sue Robinson, who was the assistant dean for academic affairs, in December 1995. “She stated that she self-identifies as a Native American.”

Robinson adds: “Therefore, we have in our current statistics listed her as a Native American.”


A white woman changes her race TO PoC on the AFFIRMATIVE ACTION STATISTICAL SURVEY because of Mee-Maw’s stories? HI. This means she counts as a minority for AFFIRMATIVE ACTION purposes. Therefore some poor woman of color would get passed over because Liz “White Woman” Warren has decided to take her place. Mind, this is all based on some strange delusion she seems to have that causes her to believe that having ONE PoC ancestor somehow affected her whiteness. She legit believed their race transferred to her and made her a completely different race. Is this Social or Political Equity, Sis?😒

Harvard Law School also used Warren’s ethnicity internally in December 1995 to bolster the case that they didn’t need to hire more minorities (even though publicly the law school continued to pledge support for diversity)

Y’all don’t find this a BIT problematic??

And, look! I was right. Liz totally blocked some poor MINORITY woman from getting her foot in the door by taking up space as a woman of color. This is where the shit hits the proverbial fan for me. I said I wasn’t going to talk about Native American Identity, and I am not. What I WILL discuss is how her claims affected BLACK women. As you can see, she represented her self as a MINORITY for statistical purposes. Warren was white, had always been white, and will always BE white. Let me remind you that she did this at a time when black people were literally protesting Harvard to make them hire ONE of us women of color. How is this cool? Why are a group of badass Black womxn activists giving her a pass on some seriously harmful shit she has never even admitted was wrong?

Let’s watch what Warren has to say about whatever.



I have no idea what the entire fuck this woman believes about race… But a goddamn rumor your Great Paw-Paw heard about your Mee-Maw maybe being an “Octoroon” or whatever? Would NOT BE A PART OF YOUR IDENTIFICATION, you crazy thang!! You are OFFENSIVE as fuck! Holy shit! Honey, what you are describing is some old ass dead and gone fake standards of blood purity.  You are basing identification on the ONE DROP RULE.

Look, y’all. We ain’t NEVER adhered to your stupid ass one drop rule if we could possibly find a way around it. We FOUGHT you every step of the way.  MANY black people who were white enough simply walked off with their knapsacks and waved us a merry goodbye. “I’m gonna try my hand at this being white thing, I’ll be back if I can’t pass!” And we happily waved them a jaunty, “So long!! Be as white as you can, so you don’t get lynched!!!”

They were BORN into oppression and were looking for a way out.

You were born into the racially privileged class. Suddenly identifying yourself as an oppressed person in need of the protections from discrimination you never once faced? Honey. How could you? You know the law, baby. It was your duty to do your due diligence at all times. It’s not just a mistake you can wave off, dismiss, or ignore. The mistakes you made with Tribal Identification are only a small slice of what you did wrong.

Also, please please never say if your ancestor had been black and your Grandpa had put his foot down it would mean black was a part of your identification. No. That is very insulting. Black isn’t some story you hear from your Mama. It’s your life; you live black, no matter how white you look, you KNOW if you’re black.

You’re BORN Black, you live Black, you die Black. You don’t become Black. If you belong to us? WE will claim YOU.

SHE’S Black. She passes for WHITE. But…she’s always BEEN Black. She didn’t suddenly become black when she was nearly 40 because she was feeling some kinda way. Certainly not after having lived her entire life as a white woman. That was your mistake, sis.

You are a GROWN ASS WOMAN, Liz Warren!

Why do you have an understanding of race that seems more in line with a child living at the turn of the 20th century? How can we trust you with the multitude of racial problems that will exist in the wake of Trump? Do you understand that we don’t know how you will navigate the waves of change, and riptides of racial angst when you don’t even understand the fundamentals of American racial identification? How will you know which side of the tsunami you should even be on at any given time if you don’t even know who you are?

The idea of Liz in charge is daunting.

There is a lack of curiosity that I find a bit unsettling.

ALSO, did you happen to notice she was straight up asked about being used as an excuse to keep Black Women OUT of Harvard, and off of the faculty?

She wouldn’t even acknowledge Harvard had been wrong to do so. Her excuse? She has never hidden who she is. Um? Honey, you are and have ALWAYS been a white woman, a white person, and you’ve always had the privileges that go along with that designation. As you can see, Liz believed she was entitled to take up space as a woman of color, even if that meant no ACTUAL woman of color would be able to grace those vaunted halls. Liz WAS their Woman of Color, and she didn’t even have the decency to feel one bit bad about representing us, or kicking the ladder over, once she had climbed to the top.

That was a few years back, granted.

In the meantime, perhaps Warren has done some deep soul searching?

A White Woman with black children confronted her about her little games and subterfuge.


Strangely enough, I got that from YouTube. It’s not hard to find videos of Liz saying STRANGE stuff. Notice what she didn’t say? She didn’t SAY SHIT about how she had made amends concerning Black Women. Or about how she once stood in our way. On the contrary, she got busy defending her academic career.  Where the hell was the, “partner with a deep understanding of how racism and gender discrimination don’t just compound income inequality but are actually central to maintaining the status quo.” in this video? I didn’t see her.

“It didn’t help my career, and I apologized, so…” Um? When the fuck is she going to acknowledge the Black Women who were protesting for diversity? This was THIS YEAR. She’s SEVENTY. How much longer do we have to wait? Is she simply BLIND to any harm SHE inflicted upon Black people?

More from Boston Globe:

“The utilization for minority senior faculty is 9.94 percent, and the availability is 5.63 percent,” reads the dry language in Harvard’s 1996 Affirmative Action Plan in a section about tenured professors at the law school. “Minorities are not underrepresented in this job group.

Look! They didn’t NEED any MORE women of color, they already had Elizabeth Warren. Therefore, no need to give in to the demands of the protesters.

Awesome job, Liz.

Is this how she showed her “deep understanding of how racism and gender discrimination don’t just compound income inequality but are actually central to maintaining the status quo,” or what? I have never heard Warren come correct on this issue. Lord knows she had to have seen the diversity protests going on. Did she just fucking ignore them? Is she “ready to be held accountable by us and our communities,”?

Because this is a big fucking problem.

As a lawyer, she KNEW BETTER. She taught LAW and EMPIRICAL research, so, I don’t wanna hear, “she didn’t know any better” or “family stories” because, any lawyer worth her salt knows fucking better than to claim minority status when they are WHITE and not entitled to it. It’s kinda fraudulent and is certainly harmful to people of color who depend on affirmative action to demand access to spaces that white people already have access to.

This is a microcosm of what black women say they’ve experienced in their professional lives across the nation. We’ve all heard tales about the proverbial white woman who claims minority status in order to keep black women out of spaces where they’d be competition. Many will say, she didn’t purposely claim minority status in order to hold black women back, or any woman of color back, but the reality is, it doesn’t matter much what her intentions were. What matters more is what the effect was.

So, this quote:

and ready to be held accountable by us and our communities.

Is kinda bullshit, in my opinion, I haven’t seen any accountability at all. When she saw the protests on campus for lack of racial diversity at Harvard, she didn’t go down to HR and ensure that her claims of minority status weren’t holding the next woman back. She should have. She knew which box she checked.

And this part too:

She is a partner with a deep understanding of how racism and gender discrimination don’t just compound income inequality but are actually central to maintaining the status quo.

Where and when did she obtain this deep understanding and why haven’t we been allowed to see it? Some people have pointed out that this is “old News” and Liz has changed, she’s 2 Legit 2 Quit now. She’s woker than Prince in Malcolm X’s Zoot Suit. So, this must mean she has answers for why she did something that was harmful to the progress of other women, of women of color.


Warren doesn’t have a direct answer for whether her claims — even though they do not appear to have benefited her during her professional rise — might have harmed the efforts of others to press for more diversity at the overwhelmingly white institution.

Is this the part where she shows her deep understanding on how “racism and gender discrimination don’t just compound income inequality but are actually central to maintaining the status quo” or are we getting to that part soon? I’m running low on patience. That was in 2012, so, surely she has answers on questions of diversity by now?

Oh, sorry, wrong video!


Look at her, ugh. First she tries to dismiss the question. Indeed, you can see from the shitty expression on her face she doesn’t think the question is even worthy of an answer. She’s so Miss Milly I could scream.


“Diversity? Poo! Fiddle-dee!” She even laughed at the idea of the order of the primary changing, like it was a ridiculous idea. “Look, I’m just a player in the game on this one…” Um? What happened to “Big Structural Change?”

So, Miss “I will FIGHT for you!” has no fight left when it comes to diversity?

You can’t even admit it’s kinda unfair for the whitest states to go first? Damn. Above all, they take up ALL the attention, while also knocking some candidates out of the race. Also?  I thought you were a “partner with a deep understanding of how racism and gender discrimination don’t just compound income inequality but are actually central to maintaining the status quo,” Senator? What happened to that? This was like literally a couple of days after the endorsement of those hundred Black Womxn?

Let’s take a look at what she said in 2012 about fighting for equality when she was a Professor at Harvard and other institutions of higher learning.

Warren argued that she wanted to devote her energy to bankruptcy research and avoided campus crusades over minorities and women.

Well, look at that there.

Warren was no fucking help at the fuck all. Why did they say you had a history of being a partner with Black Women on racial and gender justice? On the contrary, I’m starting to think the wonderful qualities they attributed to you were aspirational, and also, not true at the fuck all.

It bothers me in  real way when people try to sell me on some bullshit instead of keeping it real. I don’t give a fuck what race you are. Above all, I don’t appreciate it when ANY people try to fool MY people. Just admit, like you did back in the day, that you never actually worked on any of your intersections.  Then let people decide whether to take that chance on you. Nevertheless, cut out the bullshit, quit the fakery, no more lies. If you want us to show up if you are the nominee, knock off the “Damsel in Distress” drag. Ironically, for a fighter, you play victim whenever you get called out.

Time to woman up; you better get to owning your shit, Lady.

It’s all out there anyway.

You left all your receipts on Front Street.


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Boston Globe

Queen Liz Warren Must Never Be Opposed By You Heathens!!

Hi, kids! Just wanna talk at you about how everyone’s favorite candidate, Liz Warren, is a testament to goodness and righteousness. Recently, “Our Liz” released her very own plan to pay for her version of the Medicare for All legislation that will definitely become law. There really is no way for it not to become law. If you don’t agree, why are you even a Democrat? Liz Warren, no relation to Warren G, is the only Democrat that matters, besides Pete Buttigieg, so please stop being disrespectful and start thinking more like Liz. Don’t disagree with Liz again, kids.

NEVER say you don’t want to do M4A.

Like, perhaps you don’t want to face the ire of the truck-nut buying mobs of socialism fighting, open carry, freedomloving, fuckyourtaxes, tea partyesque defenders of Democracy taking over the park strip in your town to fight “Soshalizum!” because you already did that shit a decade ago, and you were SO GLAD when it was fucking over? Could it also be that you don’t recall any of the leftists who are championing Medicare for All being in any way fucking helpful during the fight for Obamacare, because most were the exact opposite of helpful? I remember that too. But, please tone it down on the whole “Liz is wrong” thing, and don’t try saying it through your staffers. Don’t you dare try it.

Biden tried it this week to outcry and gnashing of teeth, which he absolutely deserved for some reason that I am unaware of, but doesn’t matter because Liz is The Truth.

Biden’s Deputy Campaign Manager Kate Bedingfield had some illegal words to say about Queen Liz and her plans. Awww! Lock her UP! Electric Chair!


Biden Deputy Campaign Manager Kate Bedingfield was quick to hit back at Warren’s plan, saying, “For months, Elizabeth Warren has refused to say if her health care plan would raise taxes on the middle class, and now we know why: because it does. Senator Warren would place a new tax of nearly $9 trillion that will fall on American workers.

Bedingfield also called Warren’s plan “unrealistic” saying it hedges on “a complete revamping of defense, immigration, and overall tax policy” that leaves her with two choices, to “further increase taxes on the middle class or break her commitment to these promised benefits.”

“The mathematical gymnastics of this plan are all geared towards hiding a simple truth from voters: it’s impossible to pay for Medicare for All without middle class tax increases,” Bedingfield continued.

What did you just say? Um, that’s ILLEGAL as FUCK. Hi. You’re also not allowed to say Liz is lying about anything. Liz does not LIE. You lie about Liz’s plan not being extra awesome, probably because you’re beholden to the powers that be. Or maybe you’re just in the wrong party. Yeah.

Oh. Looks like you’ve always been a Democrat, Kate, and even though you’re not terribly old, you’ve been around since Edwards was running for President. Oops! I’m not seeing any evidence you’ve been purchased by a bank or any corporations, hmmm. Well, this is odd. I’m beginning to think the Warren method of figuring out who is a secret republican or is owned by a bank or multi-national corporation may have a flaw or two.

But that’s not the Point, KATE!

Liz already had graciously given you an opinion. Why would you waste your time forming your own? What’s WRONG with you?

Did you think having a different opinion than Liz Warren on how to do something was acceptable? Well, maybe you’re just a sell out to Big Pharma rather than The Banks? Saying it’s “unrealistic” to think that Liz can do Immigration Reform, End the Filibuster, Revamp the Military Industrial Complex, and completely overhaul Tax Policy by her lonesome is just ignoring her record of fighting. Didn’t she fight to get the highest settlements possible for women who got sick due to breast implants?

From Washington Post:

But participants on both sides of the matter say that description mischaracterizes Warren’s work, in which she advised a company intent on limiting payments to the women. “She was on the wrong side of the table,” said Sybil Goldrich, who co-founded a support group for women with implants and battled the companies for years. Goldrich said Dow Corning and its parent “used every trick in the book” to limit the size of payouts to women. The companies, she added, “were not easy to deal with at all.”

Oops! Ignore that please.

I’m sure those evil corporate baddies had Bruce Mann tied up in a dreary shack by the port and threatened to feed him real food if she didn’t do the bidding of those detestable scalawags at Dow. Sure, everyone says the complete opposite of what Liz says, but so what? They are republican plants. Liz does NOT LIE. You lie on Liz when you post quotes of people disagreeing with her. Also, it’s not that Liz was lying when she said she always worked for the “little guy” in her speeches. These breast implant “Victims” were not “Guys” at all. They were just women, and women don’t even matter, so shut the fuck up. It’s Liz’s turn.

Liz had some thoughts on Biden because of the things his staff said about her.

From Bloomberg:

Elizabeth Warren swatted back at Joe Biden’s criticism of her $21 trillion Medicare-for-All plan Friday, accusing him of “running in the wrong presidential primary.

Time out! Say what now? I have a whole lot to say about this god awful thing I see. Look, I know Liz is the reason the sun was born, but I’m going to go rogue and disagree. She’s not merely attacking Biden, she is attacking moderates, as is her habit. An admitted former Republican calling out a long term Democrat as being in the wrong primary is quite disrespectful. Does Liz really believe people cannot have a legitimate disagreement with her on policy matters?

“Democrats are not going to win by repeating Republican talking points,” the Massachusetts senator said in Des Moines, Iowa. “So, if Biden doesn’t like that, I’m just not sure where he’s going.”

No, I’m not sure where the fuck YOU’RE going. Disputing your math and the likelihood you’ll be at all successful in herding enough cats to get this done, especially with the funding sources you chose, IS NOT A REPUBLICAN TALKING POINT. It’s Common Sense.

Let’s hear from a reasonable Republican.

Washington Post:

Warren is also terribly cavalier about the impact that her plan has on working- and middle-class people. Asked what all the health-care insurance company workers would do if their business was outlawed, she blithely said they could go work in other areas of insurance— as if thousands upon thousands of jobs are waiting to be filled with refugees from health-care insurance companies.

Well, why should Queen Liz worry about people losing their health insurance jobs? They work for The Devil! Those people who were single parents or low wage workers that took themselves back to school to learn a specialized and necessary skill that helps the system we DO have function properly? Yo, they should have known better. Besides, it’s not “thousands upon thousands” of jobs we will lose. It’s more like 2,000,000.

From Mediaite:

Massachusetts Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren agreed that her “Medicare for All” plan would result in about 2 million lost jobs, calling it “part of the cost issue,” and stating “should be part of a cost plan.”

Oh, look! Just some collateral damage in the form of nearly a percent of all jobs lost nationwide. Liz is so clever! While Trump is bragging about the low unemployment rate and how many jobs were created under his administration (He takes credit for personally creating those jobs), Liz can tell The People how many she would fire from their jobs to get that unemployment rate going back up.

This is starting to seem difficult. Was Obamacare this difficult?

Hey, do you remember how we had to wait for the recounts so that Franken could be seated. This brings to mind how they had to damn near carry Ted Kennedy, who was ON HIS DAMN DEATHBED, into the chamber to make that historic vote that John McCain wasn’t Maverick enough to make and save him the trouble? Thank you, Senator Kennedy. You did the damn thang.

Warren wasn’t a Senator at that time, so maybe she was too busy being a fucking nerd somewhere at Harvard with her law students to know how close we came to a big fucking fail. I’m sure she was whisper yelling lectures at those bright eyed young pups about how to research and reason, she was planning the CFPB, and of course, admiring herself for being the smartest and most integrity having entity that ever was or will be. She can’t fail with M4A.

Liz Warren doesn’t fail, don’t you see?

You simply failed to understand how much better Liz is than Obama at getting huge structural change. She will yell “Fight!” and pump her tiny power-fist in the air, and everything will simply fall into place. And if you can’t find a way to agree with that, maybe you’ve simply been paid for your opinion. Doing things Liz doesn’t like means you are C.O.R.R.U.P.T.

We can apply this belief to the current campaign season, to her time as a College Professor, as well as her time as a Senator in the Obama administration. So, let’s take a look back at The Wonderful Lizzie Of All and recount more ways of how awesome she is compared to everyone else. It shouldn’t take much longer for you to see why Liz is constantly implying that her colleagues are corrupt. I mean, they disagree with her daily. Tsk Tsk!

Story Time!!

Once upon a time, a woman named Hillary Clinton asked The People to name a corrupt vote she had ever taken. Along came Liz Warren to remind The People not to trust that mean old nasty corporate whore-bag, Hillary Clinton.

From IBT:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., once noted Clinton changed her position on a controversial bankruptcy bill after accepting campaign contributions from the financial industry. The bill, which made it more difficult for Americans to obtain bankruptcy protections from lenders, was sought by credit card companies.

She has taken money from the groups, and more to the point, she worries about them as a constituency,” Warren, then a Harvard University law professor, said in 2004.

Watching her on Moyers sure brings back warm memories, eh? Burgers and French Fries with Hilary, smart discussion, and a partner against the coming doom. Such a nice story showing how Hillary came through due to her op-ed, and got that shitty bankruptcy bill vetoed so it wouldn’t harm women and children. It was so clever of Liz to set this story up showing how awesome Hillary had been, and then knifing her in back over voting to move a bill forward.

See, Hillary actually fixed the bill in the end, but Liz had already accused her of diabolical activities, so this clip and the smears within, were used to bolster the claim that Hillary was corrupt in 2016. Hillary should have asked Liz for permission to make an agreement with her colleagues to protect child support and alimony payments in exchange for her vote to move the bill forward. Warren was not in error. You have made the error of doubting Liz’s mind reading skills. How dare you?

Moyers :

[2/7/2016 Update: Hillary Clinton responded to Senator Warren’s story Sunday morning on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos. Clinton said that she voted for the 2001 bankruptcy legislation because she was able to get an amendment into the bill that protected the child support or alimony payments for single mothers. As part of that deal, she says, she had to vote for the bill.

You may be thinking, “Well, Warren didn’t actually know what Hillary was thinking, so when Hill voted, Liz shouldn’t have automatically assumed it was because she was paid for her vote. WTF?” You would be thinking that, and you would be…WRONG. HILLARY WAS PAID! PERIOD! Because Liz Warren cannot be “mistaken” on anything ever. You mistakenly thought Hillary might have known her own motivations better than Liz. Stop that. It’s a Sin.

Obama was known for committing sins against Liz, the One and Only. Obama would say the most terrible things to Good Queen Elizabeth, things such as; “No.” and “You’re wrong about TPP.” not to mention this devastating nugget, “No, really, you don’t know what you’re talking about when it comes to the TPP, Liz.”

I told you it was bad.

Don’t you worry, she got him back when she attacked him over speaking fees. Here is an audio clip of Liz sounding like a left-wing Glenn Beck as she discusses the “snake that slithers” and “shadowy figures” as she rails against money in politics.

Bernie also had something to say, calling it “unfortunate” he was giving the speech, yet somehow Bernie didn’t imply that Obama was shady.

Bernie simply really fucking hates Wall Street and doesn’t want anyone normalizing their disgusting industry, and he breaks into his stump speech whenever questioned. But when you compare the two videos, it’s remarkable how much worse Liz looks. Cause I legit cannot stand Bernie Sanders and his one track mind. But Liz sounded like some shitty high-school frenemy who waits until you move away to tell all of your friends you were a dirty slut-face who tried to sleep with their boyfriends. My God. She’s worse than Bernard.

It’s so weird when Bernie isn’t the one I find disappointing. Oh, well. At least Bernie never changes.

Just remember everything I taught you about agreeing with Queen Liz, and don’t you ever think for yourself again!




Washington Post




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Problematic White Candidates Struggle In The Quest For Black Votes

Is the racial illiteracy primary almost over yet, please?

The Twitter portion of the primary has been a pernicious thing this cycle, especially for the most loyal Democrats, the stalwart Black Voter. Joe Biden holds the elder portion of the group close, along with many from other age groups. In fact, seemingly out of touch Joe has a group that totals out to be the majority of Black voters so far. Kamala Harris has her group of educated Black men and women in our 30s, 40s, and 50s, who stan for her all day. This is a group so loyal, we announced our support for her, long before she announced her run, and quietly tapped her the second she won her Senate seat. Bernie Sanders has the younger black set, and they get on my damn nerves. His group contains the leftist Black youth who believe in him and no one else because we’re all neoliberal. It’s annoying.

The rest of us are spread out among the Betos, Corys, a few with Liz, like 5 with Pete, 10 with Yang, and of course, we love Castro. This is the state of Black voter preference. Those of us who have already made our choices are unlikely to change our minds until the primary is over. This is a problem for some candidates, for we all know good and damn well that you cannot win the primary unless you can connect with Black voters. Even though we live in the time of Trump, we are surprisingly not really desperate to connect with people we don’t know. We’re a bit stressed the fuck out and we find it very hard to trust right now.

White Candidates Are Struggling To Secure Black Votes

All year we have heard about the epic struggle Pete Buttigieg has been having with Black Voters. So many diverse groups of various types of white people have diagnosed the malady that keeps Black voters from joining the Buttigieg Gang. Every single time they figure it out, they get the same dumb ass answer because they are using a white lens to view black people. From nearly the beginning of his campaign, Black voters have been accused of virulent homophobia, all because we are not interested in Doogie Howser MD. He has hovered between 0 and 1% of the Black vote for months. I explain why all the time. Nobody listens. He’s too young, we don’t know him, and the Black folks in South Bend don’t want him, so, why the fuck would we? It’s a no from us, dawg.

Pete Buttigieg is running for what reason and who is he? As I said, we don’t know him. But what we do know OF him and how he ran his city is enough for us to say “Oh, hell no!” and skate on by. What do we know about Pete?

First we heard he fired his Black police chief (but cannot fire the White one, I guess?) over recording some cops allegedly saying racist shit, then we saw that the 1000 homes plan was chock full of systemic racism/classism. Next thing we know, we hear an allegedly racially biased cop killed a black man in South Bend. Pete couldn’t fire him, and in August we heard BLM called for his resignation. Oh, and he recently had to drop a fundraiser involving a guy tied to the Laquan McDonald cover up.

But Pete wrote a plan to end racism!!!

Dude, if you were ever going to do something to help Black people, you would have done something about the 40% black poverty in South Bend. You can’t just write a plan after doing a shitty ass job on race relations and expect us to buy it. We’re not stupid. So, you can stop ALLEGEDLY leaking reports calling us homophobes. You’d be in the same position no matter who you married.

Besides, have you seen yourself at Black Church?

Good God. You’re like a walking bowl of Malt-o-meal.

Liz Warren Wrongfully Claimed Minority Status; Is Unapologetic

Liz Warren, the Queen of White Privilege, has also struggled to make headway with Black people. Periodically, we get new poll numbers saying she is gaining with Black voters, and her fans immediately become insufferable. This never materializes into visible Black People actually representing her brand besides celebrities that we don’t listen to. Her movement remains shocked that her insubstantial, shallow, evasive, gish-gallop style approach to answering questions doesn’t inspire us.

I have seen them irate because I don’t find hastily written gimmick plans one bit cute, helpful, or likely to become law. They seem peeved that we demand answers on why Liz Warren became a minority at 40 years old, after being White her entire life.

How does a woman attend an all white high-school, go to college and raise children, become a Professor who teaches Empirical Research, yet does no research on whether she qualifies as a minority before claiming our status? Why did she call herself a minority because she had an ancestor five or ten generations back who was a PoC? Is she that fucking stupid or does she think we’re all that fucking stupid?

I keep hearing, “SHE BELIEVED HER FAMILY STORIES!!!” Are you all on drugs?

This is a stupid fucking answer and you make her sound like an idiot.

The fact is, she had a law degree. In her profession, people should have been able to trust that she would research before making any claims. Liz Warren never qualified as a minority, she carried that status fraudulently, and she has never quite explained why she felt entitled to do what she did.

Oh, look. She says by legal standards..she isn’t a minority. When the fuck are you ever going to explain why the fuck you did that?

On that subject she straight up fails, no matter how many times she or her surrogates try to frame or re-frame the issue to make it solely about whether she benefited or not, questions remain unanswered.

From Boston Globe:

Harvard Law School also used Warren’s ethnicity internally in December 1995 to bolster the case that they didn’t need to hire more minorities (even though publicly the law school continued to pledge support for diversity).

“The utilization for minority senior faculty is 9.94 percent, and the availability is 5.63 percent,” reads the dry language in Harvard’s 1996 Affirmative Action Plan in a section about tenured professors at the law school. “Minorities are not underrepresented in this job group.”

Harvard Law School’s spokesman at the time, Michael Chmura, then cited her as evidence that Harvard Law School was more diverse than most realized.

“Although the conventional wisdom among students and faculty is that the Law School faculty includes no minority women, Chmura said Professor of Law Elizabeth Warren is Native American,” according to an October 1996 article in the Harvard Crimson. Similar claims were made in at least three other news stories.

Warren doesn’t have a direct answer for whether her claims — even though they do not appear to have benefited her during her professional rise — might have harmed the efforts of others to press for more diversity at the overwhelmingly white institution.

This.  As a woman of color, I have seen white women cosplay as black, call themselves Strong Black Women, all off the strength of some random “mulatto” ancestor they discovered. Or a 23 and Me.  The ancestor is usually someone who died in 1853 or earlier, and these women never lived one second as black women in black culture or faced any of the discrimination. Yet they will claim our status at work, represent Blackness for us, and become a barrier to our success.

Some Black Women aren’t buying the story that Liz didn’t benefit professionally, and they aren’t interested in engaging in spiritual bypass for the sake of unity.

Daily Beast

Because self-identifying as a member of a disenfranchised group for professional gain is appalling. Her unwillingness to admit how appalling and exploitative her behavior was and how insulting and harmful this kind of fraud is makes her uniquely ill-suited to counter a president who exploits ethnic politics to divide us daily.

Let’s be real. When Warren came out with her DNA results, I went into a full cringe and felt entirely too embarrassed by her shenanigans to even make a comment. The proud look she had on her face like she had just OWNED Trump by proving exactly what he had been saying made me think, “This woman is legit kookoo.”

There she stood, waving around evidence that she was one trillionth South American, proudly becoming the biggest political joke of the week. Trump looked smart as fuck like he never has when up against ANY DEM in his LIFE. And she was planning on running for President? I knew that AT LEAST Black Voters weren’t going to want to deal with that hot mess.

Unfortunately, she IS running for President.



Daily Beast

Boston Globe


It’s Debate Day! Also Time For Marianne (and Those Guys Whose Names I Forgot) To Drop Out!

Time for another Democratic Debate! Are you super ready to lose your goddamn mind watching the biggest, most dumbest, all together extra batshit show of your life? Besides Trump’s show, I mean? NO?!

Well, too fucking bad, you get what the DNC gives you, and you like it or else!

On Tuesday night, the top dozen Democratic candidates are set to appear at the party’s fourth 2020 primary debate, set at Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio, starting at 5 p.m. Pacific. The debate, co-hosted by CNN and the New York Times, will be broadcast on CNN and streamed online at and, as well as on the outlets’ apps.

I mean, really. Whose dumbass idea was it to stuff 12 Dems on one stage, not give them ANY weed, and just hope for the best? Tom Perez, if this was your idea, maybe you need to calm down on having ideas from now on, because I haven’t thought much of your ideas since the stupid ass “unity” commission. Boy oh boy, that sure didn’t fucking work at all as far as “unity” is concerned. Yet it did manage to marginalize Black Democrats and alienate Hillary voters, so, at least you got something out of your time heading the DNC, Tom.

Great, thanks a lot for midterms though, I’m just gonna give you some credit for that one thing ever, and that’s it, because you are on my bad side. Uh huh. Now you know. And the way you have set up the debates? You’ll never make it out of Badside-land. You might as well get comfortable.

Speaking of Badside-land, we have 12, yes I said 12 candidates, who will be participating in the debate tonight, and one of them is NOT Marianne Williamson. I just wanted to remind you that the Queen of Emo-Woo is not a real candidate, and as such, people aren’t choosing her name in polls very often. I find this comforting as fuck. As shitty as our nation can be at voting (TRUMP), it seems we are trying to curb the stupider angels of our nature, and I am so fucking here for this no Marianne business. That blatherskite loves to natter on and on about the most strugglesome “love” tommyrot ever heard by anything with ears. Gah. I just think Marianne Williamson is weird as all hell, and I hear she hangs out with Tulsi Gabbard, so… Yeah. No.

On the stage tonight we will have ERRY DAMN BODY ELSE. From left to right on the stage will be; Tulsi Gabbard, Tom Steyer, Corey Booker, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, Andrew Yang, Beto O’Rourke, Amy Kloubuchar, and Julián Castro. If you are not on this stage, you are not running for President anymore, okay? Marianne? You needn’t be sad over this. I hear Area 51 still doesn’t have a Queen, please go there, thanks, bye.

We have some other people who will be missing from the stage that Marianne can take to Area 51 with her. Senator Michael Bennet who is nice, yet incredulous, former Rep. John Delaney whose face is like your dad’s when you turned out to be a failure, Montana Gov. Steve Bullock who already has a job and could even get a new one in the Senate. Rep. Tim Ryan who said one good thing I liked one time won’t be there, and neither will former Rep. Joe Sestak who I seem to remember losing Senate races, or maybe I made that up.

I personally believe we still have too many goddamn candidates!! I’m going to be good and refrain from calling Marianne out again because that would be way too many times not to be sexism if I were a man, but I’m just saying I almost trust every man on that stage more than her. Not because she’s a woman, you asshole. Because she believes the movie Avatar is like the holy grail of explaining whatever, I really don’t ever understand her, and that’s fucking unusual. We are both supposedly speaking English.


See? No idea what the fuck she’s talking about. Watched it twice again Nothing. None of that shit explained Trumpass, this stupidest trade war of trade wars, how internet trolls could fuck off an election, aspic, hot dog pie, or people eating mayonnaise on EVERYTHING. Even hot dogs and french fries. Pizza. I’m not watching Avatar again, Lady. It didn’t explain shit.


So, this has been your pre debate explainer, I will write a round-up letting you know who Tulsi kneecapped, who Bernie yelled at, how cool Kamala was, if Auntie Granny Liz ever answered a direct question, how Julian and Biden: Round 2 shakes out, and if I remember anything Pete says. The candidates are getting ready to take the stage and I am getting all my snacks in order, let’s live blog this bitch on Twitter.




LA Times

Diamond and Silk Need To Go Away Forever Now, Black Jesus

Dear Black Jesus,

It has come to my attention that perhaps Black People are being punished for some type of “Cosmic Crime” of the variety that Mormons once believed in or maybe still believe. One would think that Slavery, and it’s gentler cousin Jim Crow, would have canceled out whatever bullshit we got started in the Heavenly Realm. But unfortunately, it appears we are paying dearly for some great crime.

Diamond and Silk are talking Reparations, Black Jesus, and I don’t like it one bit.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying Diggum and Duggum are banned from discussing issues of such great importance as reparations for African slavery in the US. I AM saying, however, that they fucking need to be banned from speaking at all, especially on issues of such great importance as reparations for African Slavery in the US. Fortunately for us, they have been relegated to the deep dark hole that is “Fox Nation”, a subscription service that super old ass white people use instead of just ordering Netflix and becoming Liberal via osmosis. Sadly, “That One” and “That Other One” are not really trapped inside of a Google cloud server or some shit.  This means they can accept invitations to go on the regular Fox News Channel and make Black People look extra fucking stupid by embarrassing our entire race just by showing up.

Watch the latest video at


From Fox News:

Fox Nation’s Diamond & Silk weighed in on former NBA player Charles Barkley slamming Democrats’ for their lack of action in the black community and accusing them of taking the black vote for granted.

Okay, I say this same shit all the time. I’ve said many times that the DNC and White Dems just spent 4 years reaching out to Trump voters and just now remembered Black People exist. It’s something I’ve been hearing and seeing Black Dems complain about. This does not mean we need Dingle and Dingy to speak up for us. Being that we know how to properly use suffixes and lack the tendency to engage in malapropisms, it’s crystal fucking clear that we can handle it ourselves. You know, like how Barkley, who supports either Castro or Mayor Pete just did? We do not need you two swaybacks saying a goddamn thing for us.

“Look at how they’re promising reparations, black people don’t need reparations, they need liberation from the Democrat party,” Diamond said.

Your suffixes need liberation, you wretch.

I just want to remind America that these Matinee Minstrel Show malingerers who claim such great harm comes from the DemocratIC party were, in fact, Democrats before they flipped to Trump. And let’s not forget their parents were Televangelists, Black Jesus, the apples didn’t fall far from that grifty ass tree.

“Fox & Friends” host Brian Kilmeade agreed with Barkley, and called on Republicans to further their efforts in the black community, but Diamond and Silk pointed to President Trump’s actions in response.

You see it? See why we don’t need their plastic ponytails or Dark and Lovely lace fronts anywhere near a fucking camera speaking on our shit. Chad Chaddington III had just agreed that the GOP sucks when it comes to Black People, so why did those bargain-basement bugaboos not just agree with the obvious? Because they know which side their bread is buttered on– the WHITE side.

“When it comes to the Republican party, we have a Republican president. He’s not all talk, he takes action,” Diamond said, referencing the historically low black unemployment rate and Trump’s commitment to the First Step Act.


“So…Republicans don’t have to pander, because they deliver…our Republican president…is delivering,” she continued.

Come again?

Silk said she hoped black people would have a “come to Jesus moment” and that they would “realize that the Democrat party mean black people no good.”

Come to BLACK JESUS, Silk. You need him.

Another person might simply ignore these two sell-outs and let them grift in peace. Still, others might worry that Dipshit and Dumbshit might send them a new, shiny, stupid Cease and Desist letter from their “Legal Team” about all of these besmirches. I am simply not the one to give much of a fuck. Please make them shut up, Black Jesus. Amen.





Fox News