It’s Totally ON BRAND for Bernie Not to See a BernieBro 10 Feet Away Start a Brawl With a Black Guy Over His T-shirt

Bianca 2

Bernie Sanders held a rally in Colorado yesterday, where he preached his usual prosperity gospel. This is the one where he promises Free Everything to his eager and devoted fans, once they get him elected. The kids cheered while Bernie preached. A “Black Guns Matter” T-Shirt was worn by a […]

Rashida Tlaib Fauxpologizes for Booing Hillary Like An Utter Clown; Also? Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Owe Bernie a Goddamn Muthaf*ckin’ Thing. 

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Wanna take a wild guess as to how stupid it would be to attend a Bernie Sanders rally in an area where Hillary destroyed him, yet decide to “Boo” Hillary Clinton just because someone said her name? Or maybe you would like to guess how bad it would make you […]

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